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About Us

About Us

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I've been in the technology business since the 80's and was an Internet Technology Manager for many years and more than one company. This is where I learned software before anyone else and hardware as well. I've been in the business of making technology work against all odds and can help those not in this business to meet their goals, whether it be getting found on the internet, having a website to show off their brand, create an e-mail campaign or Facebook Ad campaign, and more. 

Consider This for Your Social Media Marketing Plan

Consider Search for your Business - For as little as $200 a month you can play with the big boys and get found on the Search Engine's pages for your keywords. 

Business Listings are your friend - These listings create credibility for your customers as they search for you and for the search engines. Consistency in many locations makes the search engines happy and therefore, they will index your sites!

Blogs are always a good idea to keep your website refreshed and indexed. There are many tools to make this less intimidating.

The Internet is your blank canvas.

Why Wellmanworks, Ltd.?

 You have found your source for easy to understand and integrate, Internet Marketing and Social Media. Social media and technology are ever changing and sometimes you need just that one person who can take the time to find your individual niche to participate. With over 30 years in the industry, I've had much experience in guiding and listening to individual needs. Forget the confusion, forget the hype, let's sort through the must do's together.

I have small business packages that will amaze you - Simple and Affordable. Get Found Today!
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