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Your Roadmap to Success – Being Best Friends with Google and More

Wellman Works, Ltd., supports your business with tools to allow you to rank higher, improve your reputation, and generate more traffic and leads from local search and therefore search in general.

Wellman Works, Ltd., has been an leader in the Digital Internet sector since 1997 and Internet Technology since 1982. We work with small to medium-sized businesses supporting their presence and reputation on the Internet. Thank you for the opportunity! We are proud to be associated with you and your business.

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Your Google Knowledge Panel – What Clients See First

Are you taking full advantage of the free Real Estate that Google is providing? Your Knowledge Panel has opportunities to share your valuable company and products. Being best friends with Google will help you.

As we know, Google will show search results based on:

Relevance – Are you what the customer is searching for? If the customer enters your business name that matches your business profile your Knowledge Panel will show up.

Distance | Proximity – Are you close enough to the searcher’s location or have you provided contextual information in unique location pages, blogs, and posts to be considered for the location?

Prominence – Does your business stand out? i.e., Optimized Google Profile, Reviews. and Business Listings.

What are some important elements in your Google Business Profile? Great images, correct business hours, name, address, phone number. Reviews with responses.

Pro elements can include Questions & Answers and location API and Bio/keyword optimization.

First Step

Google Reviews will give you a 15% boost in showing up in search.

We can help improve your Knowledge Panel. We can assist with getting more reviews, and utilizing Google Business Profile posts and events.  

If you were to  add images every month taken  within the Google Maps app  that would add recognition for Google.

Your Business Listings will assist in supporting Google Business and give the right address to the Internet and get rid of any inconsistencies in addresses and create a credible business online to best mirror your business.


2nd step

Click on the Report for your Full Report

Your Business Scan – What Search Engines & Clients See

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What do business listings do? They give credibility to your business to clients and search engines – they support your Google Profile and your Brand.

Your business listings have been published and your business is considered a credible business by Google and other Search Engines and your website will be shown to customers in search including a place in Maps, and Voice Search.

Google Maps1<br />

Google Maps

What’s the plan?

What's the Plan to Get Found on the Internet

Evaluate how you show up in search Map out a plan Add your Brand to Business Listings – mini websites Sync to Google! and Spread the Word!!

3 rd step
4th step

Click on the Report for your Dashboard Report

Your Online Reputation and Reviews!

BRG Realty Reputation

Organically, Reviews are responsible for 15% of your Ranking. Get your Personalized Google Review Link Today!

Are you taking charge and protecting your online reputation? We have tools to make it easy to get and respond to reviews using emails with to guide past clients and artists to leave a review and an option to include SMS.

Keywords, Competitors, and 3-pack Ranking

BRG Realty Ranking Competition

Are you analyzing your competitors to determine keyword, business listing, and review gaps? We have this tool and more.

5th step

Click on the Report for your Dashboard Report

5th step

Are you analyzing your competitors to determine keywords and ranking in a geographical area? We have this tool and more.


BRG Realty Local Grid
Help you succeed
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It is a pleasure to recommend Vickie Christensen McLain. She is a skilled and experienced leader and has experience leading and training Chamber of Commerce and Civic groups such as the Rotary Club. She has extensive experience in working with social media and internet marketing, and has experience in that since 1997. She is always professional and cordial. I rate her with 5 stars.

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 We Help You Succeed

Wellman Works, Ltd., will review your statistics and identify issues and provide detailed reports to you and your staff including a Location Summary Report, Rank Checker Report including competition, Google Business Profile Report, Reputation Management Report and more.

Your profiles are kept updated online so you are successfully found on the Internet and clients and search engines have confidence in your Brand – and will offer your website to your clients in search!

Imagine having an extra 20 mini-websites all with your updated and correct information!

Vickie Christensen Digital Business Card QR Code Wellman Works, LTd.

Thank you for the opportunity! We are proud to be associated with you and your business!

Vickie Christensen Internet Visibility Specialists – Web Design – Internet Marketing Since 1997

Past President and Assistant Governor, Rotary District 5190 Area 6


Wellman Works, Ltd. 2701 Justin Woods Court Cameron Park, CA 95682



Local SEO Audit

We have done an on-page SEO Audit and Local SEO Audit for you. Completing your Business Listings will ensure that Google and your clients see you as a credible business and then Google will show your website in search for clients to find. Optimizing your Google Business Profile is important to take full advantage of all the opportunities. 

Business Listings $95 per month including reports and personalized Google Review Link & QR Code to make getting reviews easier.

Google Optimization ensures you are taking full advantage of this profile and using it to your fullest advantage. $195



Local Search Audit

Comprehensive report covering Links & Authority, Rank Tracker (key words), Local Listings to support your Google Profile and Search Engines, Reviews – Reputation Manager, Google Business Profile Audit, and OnWebsite -Site Seo. Click on the report to get the full reading. 


BRG Realty Local Search Audit

ADA Compatibility – Semi-Compliant Broaden Your Audience and Avoid Lawsuits

Click on the image to see your ADA Report. Consider adding a page to your website to show the intent of compliance or purchase ADA complaiance software which will eliminate the threat of lawsuits and increase your customer base to include the disabled.  $490 annaul subscription. 

There are tax advantages to this including up to half of your spend to become compliant and may be able to include your website upgrade costs up to $5,000. Check with your tax preparer and discuss form 8826. Qualifications include less than 30 employees and less than $1million in revenue.  

ADA Compatibility

How to Improve Your Internet Visibility

Local SEO – Be Best Friends with Google – Get Reviews – Reviews are 15% of your Organic Ranking – Google looks at the past 6 months for current reviews and replys.  We have a system that provides a personalized Google Review Link, QR Code, and a Reputation Module to send emails to get reviews too. 

1. Create or Optimize Google Business Profile $195 one time

2.  Remove old locations in Google/Google Maps Maps $235 one time (not applicable)

3. Business Listings – Improve Search Engine & Customer Confidence. Create top-level Local Links including Bing, Google, Yahoo & Voice Search including main Aggregators to improve saturation of content widely across the Internet.  Keyword tracking, Competitor Keyword Tracking, Google Analytics, Google Business Profile Analytics and more.  Solid Local SEO Platform with monthly in-depth reporting. ($150 setup waved – 9-month minimum) $95 per month

4. Reputation Manager – Your Dashboard where you can View and Respond to Reviews. Using your csv file we will send emails that encourage reviews to Google. If you have existing happy customers and wish to send out emails requesting reviews, this can be a good tool! $65 per month 

5. Post to Google – We will post your Facebook content to Google to improve Visibility and engagement and confidence. $40 per month. Also post to Instagram and LinkedIn for $85 per month. 

6. Create Grid Maps to see how well you are ranking against competitors in your areas $57 each run 5 key words – Let’s talk about this one to see where the competitors are that you want to track. 

7. Repair Website – Add keywords – optimize – add educational and informational materials $85 per hour – or set a budget and a goal of ‘things to do’ for a fixed rate. Keyword research would need to be conducted including selected competitors. 

8. Blog – Ask about Blogs to keep your content fresh and use them as email touch points. You are using the Blog feature on your website. Enhance this by using keywords, images, sharing to all of your social accounts and following with a super short video for another social post. 

9. ADA Compliance – Increase your audience and reduce risk of lawsuits. $495 annually – There are tax advantages to this including up to half of your spend to become compliant and may be able to include your website upgrade costs up to $5,000. Check with your tax preparer and discuss form 8826. Qualifications include less than 30 employees and less than $1million in revenue.  



We make sure your Google Business Profile is backed up regularly to safeguard your information and reviews.

_____Your Website___________________________

SEO Repairs:


10 pages with no metadescription. A missing meta description is a missed opportunity to provide both users and search engines context about your page.

4 pages without a H1 Title Tag.  Not having an H1 tag can make it difficult for search engines to understand what the page is about and may lead to a lower ranking in search.

2 pages returning code 404 – Page Not Found. A 404 page, or error page, is the content a user sees when they try to reach a non-existent page on our website. It ‘s the page your server displays when it can ‘t find the URL requested by the user.

3 pages with too-long titles: It is recommended to keep your title tag under 65 characters so you don’t run the risk of having part of it cut out from the search results page.

5 pages with too-short titles: Title tags need to deliver an important idea to your potential readers in a few words. But the title tag can’t be too short. If the title tag is less than 30 characters, it will be difficult for search engines to understand what the content is about and decreasing the likelihood of ranking.

Add to Search Console/Google Analytics.

Estimated Costs


We will Review Your Brand for Consistency and Ranking

Review Branding and Bio’s across all channels

Future is Exciting

Check out These Future Improvements

Using your Web Designer or Wellman Works, Ltd.

• Add FAQ coded (SCHEMA) page to your website to improve SEO and create the possibility of the questions show up in search as rich results.

Wellman Works, Ltd., will effectively support your business to broaden your Internet Presence and Visibility, to nurture and build your Internet Reputation, Brand, Drive Traffic, and Create Confidence with Search Engines & Customers.


Available Internet Marketing Products:*

  • Internet Audit

Repair/Create Social Media Channel Branding

  • Social Media Posts & Google My Business posts to encourage engagement and visibility

Google Business Optimization, Review Responder, Question & Answers

  • Business Listings to improve customer & search engine confidence and Internet Visibility

Personalized Google Review Link to get more & better reviews

  • Digital Advertising with Facebook, Instagram, Google as applicable

Blogs to refresh site indexing and create shareable content

  • SEO Website Audit, Repair & Monitor & Adjust

Email campaigns

  • Training

Landing Pages

  • Website Design & Development

Coaching; Branding, Planning, Execution


*All services except for Business Listings (six month min) are month to month and may be canceled with 30-days notice

If you do not have a Google Business Profile – please call or email and we will set it up for you.

Internet Visibility – Internet Top Level Directories 

Get listed on top 25 directories to create confidence in both your customers and search engines as they can easily find you and your consistent, complete, and correct information! You will also receive a personalized Google Review link to get more and better reviews!

NEW! SPECIAL!!!! Internet Visibility PLUS with up to 50 keywords is now included. Track up to 50 keywords for Google Local Rank, Google Organic Rank, Yahoo! Search Rank, and Bing Search Rank.

Internet Visibility PLUS – NOW INCLUDED ABOVE!

Take your Visibility further by tracking, testing and monitoring your keywords.

Internet Visibility with Google Business 

This package takes your Visibility to the next level by optimizing the largest piece of Internet Real Estate you have on Google Search – your Google Knowledge Panel. This opportunity can’t be missed. Your status, event, and product updates, videos, reviews and more are kept visible on Google. 

Internet Visibility –  Search Engine Optimization

Your business is accurate and visible on search – this package gives you all the tools necessary to analyze your business’s performance and your competitors, covering all assets and channels.  

Vickie is knowledgeable, efficient and personable. As the social media industry developed, she learned with it and developed her skills. She isn't someone who thinks they can help others simply because they have a few social media accounts themselves.

Truda Pauly Avatar Truda Pauly

Visibility Vickie is amazing! She got our company and several of our clients set up with corrected directories online and much more... now people can find us more easily leveraging her visibility and SEO services. The calls and emails are coming in nicely.

Timothy Morgan Avatar Timothy Morgan

I had problems with my web presence so I called Vicki to see if she could help. She told me she would check in to it. After giving her just a little information she had me up and running again in just a short time. I would recommend wellman works very highly.

richard zurmuhlen Avatar richard zurmuhlen

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Google Business Profile and Your Reviews

Get your personalized Google Review Link to make getting more and better reviews. Then update your Google Business Profile and Embed your reviews on your website!


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