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‘Give Your Business a Megaphone and ‘Be Best Friends with Google’

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Meet Visibility Vickie

Hi! I’m Visibility Vickie excited to help you and your business get found on the Internet! With over 30 years of experience, we can help you ‘Be Best Friends with Google. 

Vickie Christensen

President and Founder, Wellman Works, LTd.


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1. What are the Benefits of a Landing Page?

Focused Objectives: Landing pages help in directing your visitors to a single action, be it signing up for a newsletter, downloading a guide, or making a purchase. This targeted approach can increase conversion rates significantly.

Lead Generation: Businesses can capture leads at a higher rate by using landing pages with forms. Visitors can provide their information in exchange for an offer, service, product, or piece of content.

Improved User Experience: Landing pages are typically simpler and more focused than standard web pages. A clear and direct message ensures that users find the information they’re looking for quickly, which can lead to higher satisfaction.

Increased Credibility: Offering valuable information or solutions directly relevant to the user’s search or needs can establish your brand as a credible source in the field.

Easy to Share: A standalone landing page with a unique URL is easy to share across social media platforms, email campaigns, or other marketing channels.

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2. What are the Benefits of an Internet Visibility Audit?

An Internet Visibility Audit, often just called a visibility audit or digital visibility audit, is a comprehensive examination of how and where a brand, company, or individual appears online. The goal is to assess the effectiveness of online marketing strategies, detect potential areas of concern, and identify opportunities for growth. Here are the benefits of conducting an Internet Visibility Audit:

Understand Current Standing: The audit provides a clear picture of where a brand stands online, whether it’s through search engine rankings, social media presence, or other online channels.

Identify Strengths and Weaknesses: By examining where a brand is most and least visible online, businesses can understand where they’re performing well and where there’s room for improvement.

Optimize SEO Strategies: The audit can pinpoint where a website might be lacking in terms of SEO, helping to refine keyword strategies, content quality, and backlink profiles for better search engine ranking.

Enhance User Experience (UX): If users can’t find or navigate your site easily, they’re less likely to engage. An audit can shed light on UX issues affecting visibility.

Competitive Analysis: Understand how you fare compared to competitors in terms of online visibility. This can offer insights into what competitors are doing right and where there are opportunities to outperform them.

Refine Content Strategy: The audit might reveal which pieces of content are driving traffic and which aren’t. This can help in refining the content strategy to better meet audience needs and preferences.

Improve Social Media Visibility: An audit will gauge the effectiveness of social media campaigns and strategies, allowing brands to optimize their social media engagement and outreach.

Detect Potential Issues: Whether it’s negative reviews, outdated content, or incorrect business information, an audit can highlight areas of concern that might be affecting a brand’s reputation.

Measure ROI: By assessing all online channels, businesses can get a clearer picture of their return on investment for their various online marketing initiatives.

Strategic Planning: With a comprehensive understanding of online visibility, businesses can set clear, data-driven goals and create a roadmap for achieving them.

Crisis Management: An audit can identify negative content, reviews, or mentions that might pose a threat to a brand’s reputation. Addressing these promptly can prevent potential PR crises.

In summary, an Internet Visibility Audit is an essential tool for brands in the digital age. By offering a holistic view of online visibility, it provides valuable insights that can guide and refine a brand’s digital marketing strategy, ensuring it remains competitive and achieves its online objectives.

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3. What are the Benefits of a Google Business Profile?

A Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business) is a tool offered by Google that allows businesses to manage their online presence across the search engine and its associated services. Setting up and maintaining a Google Business Profile comes with a number of significant benefits:

Increased Visibility in Local Search: Your business can appear in local search results, making it easier for local customers to find you when they search for services or products you offer.

Boost Trust: By verifying your business on Google, potential customers are more likely to see your business as reputable. Furthermore, having reviews, ratings, and updated photos can foster trust among potential customers.

Drive Traffic and Sales: An optimized profile can lead to increased website traffic and foot traffic if you have a physical location. The ‘click-to-call’ feature also allows mobile users to easily call your business.

Free Google Advertising: While it doesn’t replace the benefits of a paid advertising campaign, a well-maintained profile can serve as a form of free advertising on Google.

Customer Insights: Google provides insights on how customers searched for your business, where those customers are coming from, and other interaction details like calls made directly from the search results page.

Engage with Customers: Businesses can read and respond to reviews from customers, offering a platform to address concerns or thank customers for positive feedback. This engagement can foster a positive relationship with your audience.

Keep Customers Informed: Update business hours, location, services, and more to keep customers informed. Special posts can also highlight promotions, events, or announcements.

Showcase Through Photos: Businesses can upload photos of products, events, staff, or the interior and exterior of a physical location. This visual aspect can be enticing to potential customers.

Interactive Map Listing: With Google Maps integration, customers can easily find your location, get directions, or check the traffic conditions for a better visiting experience.

Questions & Answers: Potential customers can ask questions directly through the profile, and businesses or other users can answer. This interactive feature allows businesses to address common queries promptly.

Booking Integration: If applicable, businesses can integrate booking buttons, allowing customers to book appointments or services directly from the search result.

Messaging: Google has rolled out a messaging feature for some regions, allowing direct communication between customers and businesses.

A Google Business Profile offers businesses, a powerful tool to enhance their online visibility, engage with customers, and manage their online reputation. IIt offers numerous benefits and is an essential tool for businesses in the digital age.

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What some clients have said 


Vickie is amazing. She is kind, patient and a great teacher. She was able to explain what we need in order to make our google profile pop. Without us even asking she made some slight adjustments to our existing profile. Now we have customers, previous and new, reaching out to us by way of our “Contact us” button on our website. Thank you Vickie!


Product Manager, Arnolds for Awards

Vickie is an absolute delight to work with! She is efficient with quickly understanding the needs of a business and providing solutions. I didn’t know anything about having a Google business profile and how it would impact my business. Vickie was able to guide me through the steps and work with me to truly enhance my business. I highly recommend working with her if you want to see a difference in how you reach future clients!

Lesley D.

Real Estate Agent, Insight Group, LLC.

I had problems with my web presence so I called Vicki to see if she could help. She told me she would check in to it. After giving her just a little information she had me up and running again in just a short time. I would recommend wellman works very highly.

Richard Zurmuhlen


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Hi, my name is Vickie Christensen ‘Visibility Vickie’

Internet Visibility Specialists – Let us develop and communicate your Brand, get found on the Internet by leveraging appropriate channels with local online SEO, SEO, organic and local search, paid search, Social Media, Web Design & Development, and Reputation Management.

-Results-driven, highly-adaptable professional with over 30 years of experience in the computer software industry, Project Manager, with over 25 years as an business owner and entrepreneur with a specialty in Digital Marketing

-Excellent communication to explain and demonstrate technical concepts and procedures to customers of all computer skill levels with sustained customer satisfaction.

-Proficient in team leadership to manage software implementations with on time and within budget delivery.

-Maintain ongoing communications throughout the project to ensure the necessary commitment for a successful project.

Our goal is to lay the foundation for getting found on the Internet by following technical algorithms and then building the SEO to include all channels for actionable data.

Specialties: Branding Workshops, Management, Training, Project Management, Technology, Listening, Creativity, Enthusiasm, Results

Vickie Christensen


Join 1000+ others and level up your design

Each week we’ll send you the next tutorial to level up your design.

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