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SEO is a deep subject, but did you know that you can make huge improvements right away? Paying attention to the small things can make a big difference. Duplicate Titles, Alt Tags on your images, missing Meta Descriptions, etc. 


The First and ONLY Technical Ranking Algorithm software for SEO driven by AI

This, quite simply, means that our software has a direct interface that allows it to constantly communicate with Google’s search algorithm in ‘AI language’.

The software makes keywords instantly visible to Google, improving and stabilising ranking. It also constantly finds newer and better keywords and automatically implements these for improved ranking.

AI Software to predict Newer and Better keywords and automatically implement

Identify Key Words including long-tail Key Words and Use them in your Headings, text 

Create quality CONTENT – Share your Content – Make it easy for others to share your CONTENT 

Discover your page loading speed and optimize for MOBILE

Verify your LINKS and fix all broken LINKS

Make your text readable – Break it up with HEADINGS

Optimize your IMAGES

Join FORUMS and Facebook GROUPS or start one

Find an Influencer

Business Listing Directories – Get on as many as possible

Google My Business, Google My Business, Google My Business – I can’t stress this enough


Internet Visibility – Internet Top Level Directories 

Get listed on top 36 directories to create confidence in both your customers and search engines as they can easily find you and your consistent complete, and correct information! You will also receive a personalized Google Review link to get more and better reviews!

NEW! SPECIAL!!!! Internet Visibility PLUS with up to 50 keywords is now included. Track up to 50 keywords for Google Local Rank, Google Organic Rank, Yahoo! Search Rank, and Bing Search Rank.

Internet Visibility PLUS – NOW INCLUDED ABOVE!

Take your Visibility further by tracking, testing and monitoring your keywords.

Internet Visibility with Google My Business 

This package takes your Visibility to the next level by optimizing the largest piece of Internet Real Estate you have on Google Search – your Google Knowledge Panel. This opportunity can’t be missed. Your status, event, and product updates, videos, reviews and more are kept visible on Google. 

Internet Visibility –  Search Engine Optimization

Your business is accurate and visible on search – this package gives you all the tools necessary to analyze your business’s performance and your competitors, covering all assets and channels.  

Get Found in Search

Be Relevant

Google My Business and Your Reviews

Get your personalized Google Review Link to make getting more and better reviews. Then update your Google My Business and Embed your reviews on your website!


This service can be alacarte or found under Internet Visibility with Google My Business.


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