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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

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    How do I Verify my Google My Business Profile?

    Go to business.google.com and add a property. You will then submit and wait 5 days for a post card with a code on it. Type in that code or send it to Wellman Works, Ltd. and we will verify for you.

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    How Do I Order My Business Listings to Expand My Visibility?

    First of all, congratulations on taking the necessary and most fundamental first step to increase your Internet Visibility and credibility with Search Engines and Customers.

    Run your Business Scan by putting in your Name, Phone, and Email at https://scan.wellmanworks.com/. This will alert us and let us know if we can help your business, and we will contact you right away. Alternatively, you can call 916-835-5704 or email hello@internetvisibility.net.

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    Why Do I Need Business Listings?
    1. Be in control of your Internet Presence and Brand Visibility.
    2. Broaden your reach and be seen on over 36 mini-websites with authority.
    3. Each listings increases the possibility of being found by customers.
    4. Search Engines will have confidence in your business and make it so your website will show up in search.
    5. Online directories have significant SEO value and have great impact for your keywords and Google categories.
    6. Correct your on-line information. Incorrect information will discredit your business and bad information can be generated at any time by mechanical ‘bots’ or users of the Internet.
    7. Correcting duplicate listings again so Search Engines and customers will know the Real You and your real location.
    8. Considering that over 80% of all mobile search results end in a purchase or sale you want to be found.
    9. Even if people find you on Social Media, they will Google you. That’s why we sync all your information with Google so you look like a superstar!
    10. Did you know that over 50% of businesses have an incorrect or missing address or phone number and over 15% are not listed online at all.

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