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Special Offerings for these Special Times

Hello friends, If you are thinking about holding off or stopping your marketing services, you are not alone. I’m sure you have may have experienced a slow down or “I’m going to hold off right now until I see what’s going to happen.” I’d like to offer you a view from the rear-view mirror for […]

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Seven Areas in Marketing to Focus On – In the Pandemic

If there ever was a time to have a long-term view of your business, it is now. Otherwise opportunities may be missed or the baby may get thrown out with the bathwater. That’s an old saying, but paying attention now can help you stay alive for the short term and long term. See if some […]

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Building Business and Relationships in Time of Crisis

These days have been—and will continue to be—tough. But this is also an opportunity to become better corporate citizens, build new ways of working together, and demonstrate leadership in uncertain times. Employees will remember leaders who led. Customers will remember who showed up, what we said, and how we helped them. Here are three ways […]

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Updating Google My Business During COVID-19

Hello friends, As you know I am always promoting using the excellent Internet Real Estate called Google My Business Knowledge Panel (GMB). Updating your GMB is helpful for customers to learn of your new hours and/or cleaning processes and even delivery or online services. This is often your customer’s first stop in finding new information […]

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Your Business, the Handshake, and COVD-19

How is COVD-19 impacting your business? How are you handling the ‘Handshake’? Are you using the Foot Bump as shown here?             Tanzanian President John Magufuli (right) greets opposition politician Maalim Seif Sharif Hamad (left) by tapping their feet together in Zanzibar, Tanzania on March 03, 2020. Tanzanian Presidency/Handout/Anadolu Agency […]

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Google and MORE Changes – Featured Snippet URL

On January 22nd, Google announced that it will no longer automatically present the URLs within Featured Snippets among the page one organic results. URLs used within a Featured Snippet subsequently ranked organically on page one of the SERP. Now, and as a rule, such URLs will no longer rank on page one of the Google […]

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Reader’s Choice Awards 2019 – Congratulations!

Congratulations! Keep  the momentum going with strong Social Media & Internet Business Listings. Post your awards on Social Media and your Website! Reader’s Choice Award Show 2019 By Kevin Christensen Winners of the Mountain Democrat’s 2019 Readers’ Choice poll were honored on Oct. 8 at the El Dorado County Fairgrounds in the Forni Hall building. […]

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Facebook Removes Grey Badges October 29th

Facebook introduced gray verification badges in 2015 to show which Pages for businesses and organizations are authentic. However, they found that they can be more confusing than helpful, so they’re removing them on October 29.  This won’t impact the way the Page appears in search results. How to verify authentic pages: Best Practices to Improve […]

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Getting Tight with Google

ARE YOUR BFF WITH GOOGLE?                                     You can be.   As a local business, you have some very awesome Real Estate that is just given to you by Google, yes, given to you. And since Google is King […]

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Brand Memory Magic

Personal Branding Experience   I noticed a post the other day from my friend, Melissa that said “Personal Branding Experience.” It definitely caught my eye since I live in the world of Internet Marketing where success relies heavily on Brand. We had to meet. I am convinced that what Melissa offers is a stumbling block […]

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