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Has Your Google Business Profile Been SUSPENDED?

How Do You Know Your Google Business Profile has been SUSPENDED?


If you cannot make edits or if your profile says, not showing to the public, or it doesn’t show up at all.

If it’s a Soft or Hard Suspension – Unless you know Google inside and out, don’t make a move without some guidance. You only have 2 chances to get it RIGHT – and there is so much that can go wrong.

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number of reviews matter

Internet Visibility PLUS – NOW INCLUDED ABOVE!

Take your Visibility further by tracking, testing, and monitoring your keywords.

Internet Visibility Plus with Google Business  Profile

This package takes your Visibility to the next level by optimizing the largest piece of Internet Real Estate you have on Google Search – your Google Knowledge Panel. This opportunity can’t be missed. Your status, event, and product updates, videos, reviews and more are kept visible on Google. Expert monitoring with minimum 4 posts per month. Includes Internet Visibility top-level directories. 

Internet Visibility –  Search Engine Optimization

Your business is accurate and visible on search – this package gives you all the tools necessary to analyze your business’ performance and your competitors, covering all assets and channels.  Add SEO to fine tune your marketing strategy and dollars. We are still running our 3-month special of $99 per month! Normally starts at $250.

Did you know that search engines will stop indexing your site if you have duplicate information i.e., two listings with slightly different information, or inconsistent information such as a slightly different address or old business information from a previous owner or location.


Creating confidence with Google, Yahoo, and Bing, increases the level of visibility your site has in searches based on how many connecting links, or “backlinks” from other websites you have? With this service you are registered on 36 top-level directories with your Bio, Images, Website, Hours, Logo, and more. Some of these directories will be familiar such as Google My Business, Yelp, Bing, Chamber of Commerce and more.



Getting your business listed on popular business directories is an easy and effective way to achieve Visibility and Confidence with Search Engines and your Customers. In our experience, the trouble that most business owners have, though, is keeping each directory up to date and eliminating outdated information. Listings that are unmanaged can be written over by computer Bots or Aggregators and will have to be redone.

Old or inconstent information has an impact on your SEO as well as healthy Visibility has a positive impact on your SEO.

Get Found in Search

Be Relevant


Google Business and Your Reviews

Get your personalized Google Review Link to make getting more and better reviews. Then update your Google Business and Embed your reviews on your website!


Did you know?

“Your Business Plus Business Listings = 80% increase in improved Internet Visibility?”


“An Optimized Google Business Profile = 69% increase on website clicks”



This service can be alacarte or found under Internet Visibility with Google Business.

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