Good Morning! I finally just had to write about this because I’ve been sending messages to individual people about not being able to share their posts.

I Can’t Share Your Post

Some of you really don’t care, but I know that a lot of you do – you have a small business and you want your content shared. BUT, someone’s been scaring and warning you about your privacy settings.

We’ve all had too much winter at this point and my Facebook Friend Jyll Renee posted about the moon cycles:

Awesome you say – me too. I immediately scroll down to SHARE this great post about the earth warming and the worms awaken and the Robins appear…..

 Where is the SHARE Button?

This is the problem……

Right next to her beautiful picture and underneath her name is the time stamp and two little heads. This indicates that the privacy is set to friends – which we are: 

Can I Go Back and Stop Sharing?

Facebook is setup for sharing – the common premise, is Like, Comment, and Share. But the answer is yes, if you put a picture out there and want it back – you can customize the privacy setting to “only me,” and the post disappears from anyone’s wall who posted it. Alternatively, if you want it to still show up for some people but just want it removed from the person’s wall who shared it, you can change the settings to exclude the person who shared/posted it on their wall, and that will remove it as well, but it will leave it up for others to see.

But, back to the original problem of that I can’t share your post and I’m friends with you.

Sharing to a Page

Yes, I’ve known that I can’t share to a Page if the settings are not Public. But recently, I’ve been unable to share at all i.e., No Share Button, if the settings are anything but Public.

Share With Public Settings

My philosophy is to use Public Settings – just don’t use names of children. I don’t post very much personal information – so this hasn’t been a problem.

This is how I have been using it forever:  If you choose the “Friends” option, then anyone that you’ve accepted as a friend (and anyone tagged in the photo) can both see and share your post. If your friend shares something that you have marked as “Friends” then only people that are your friends can see it as a shared item.

I suppose that I may have just woken up from a long winter’s nap, but since 2008! Yeesh!

Just call me Rumpelstiltskin and SHARE it!