Hello from Visibility Vickie! – Here are some quick tips to remind you and refresh your social media presence!


  • Use video

Videos are a quick way to connect with your audience. You can also share client testimonials in video format to give your audience a first-hand experience of working with you.


Consider Video Testimonials – Automatically Share!


    • Use hashtags

    Hashtags can help your posts get noticed by people searching for content like yours. Real estate agents who use hashtags effectively have a 12% higher engagement rate.

    • Write great titles and captions

    Keep your titles short and sweet, and use alliteration when possible. Try to create a sense of urgency and FOMO (fear of missing out).

    • Respond to comments

    Respond to both positive and negative comments.

    • Post regularly

    Post engaging content that stays true to your brand.

    • Run social media ads

    Nearly half of realtors say social media ads are their most effective advertising.

    • Use Facebook

    Facebook has the widest reach of any social media platform for real estate agents. It’s ideal for real estate agent marketing because the age demographics fit the average buyer/seller age range.

    Don’t forget about your Google Business Profile! Images, videos, posts, events and more!!!



    Got a Coming Soon or Open House coming up? Use the Instagram Countdown sticker. It builds anticipation and keeps your audience informed. Plus, viewers can set a reminder to join in the excitement, ensuring your big moment gets the eyeballs it deserves.

    Users can also create and share custom stickers on Instagram. To do this, users can:

    1. Open the Instagram app and create a new Story or Reel
    2. Tap the sticker icon
    3. Select the “Create” sticker option
    4. Select the photo to use to create the sticker
    5. Use their finger to trace around the part of the photo they want to turn into a sticker 

    Real estate agents can use stickers to add flare to posts, gain insight, and have fun with their audience. Some stickers that can be used include:

    donation, quiz, countdown, question, poll, emoji slider, location, and hashtag.

    Users can also download free graphic resources for real estate stickers from Freepik.

     Need help? Send me a message@ vickie@wellmanworks.com.


    Have a great week!!!

    Alignable Vote

    Alignable – Thanks for Voting!

    • Alignable has been around since 2014, is US-based and has over 7 million users in more than 35,000 communities. (2020 they had 4.5 million)

    Alignable is a Boston based company that aims to connect the world’s local businesses and organizations. It’s made up of a partnership between various companies and provides business owners with a technology that helps users effectively network within the local community. Their services aim at improving business owners’ search for customers.

    The connection created allows business owners to connect among themselves and share resources such as business advice, recommendations, and services. By doing this, the business economy is greatly enhanced.

    Connected Communities

    The large network formed connects various businesses in local communities. Through the community, the business owners can message one another about important updates and share events, promotions, and job openings, etc.

    Trusted Networks

    The networks are formed by trusted business owners. From various locations and different industries, you get targeted customers depending on what you are looking for.

    Customers obtained through the network are from people that you can trust.

    Business Owner Forum

    Under the business owner forum, there are multiple answers to questions that you might have. There is a Q&A with Frequently Asked Questions as well as a business owner discussion forum.

    The business owner discussions enable you to ask for and receive advice related to your line of work. You will receive suggestions from industry peers and the best solutions for any challenges you might be facing.

    • Alignable is free, and there are premium features. The free account consists of a connection radius of 2 Miles (reaching as many as 500 businesses), 10 monthly Connections, and an Optimized Profile Page. With the paid versions, you get more Connections and a larger reach.

    Is Alignable right for you?


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