These days have been—and will continue to be—tough. But this is also an opportunity to become better corporate citizens, build new ways of working together, and demonstrate leadership in uncertain times. Employees will remember leaders who led. Customers will remember who showed up, what we said, and how we helped them.

Here are three ways organizations can adjust their business and communications strategies to stay connected and demonstrate leadership in the chaotic months ahead.

  • Use social to protect human connection, including an increased use of Facebook Groups, social video (especially on TikTok) livestreaming, and 1:1 messaging.
  • Use social to mitigate business disruption by experimenting with increased digital and social customer engagement.
  • Use the disruptive lessons of the present to build for the future, especially the rapid experimentation in remote work, online service delivery, and increased use of real-time analytics.

The need for 1:1 connection has surged. In a press call about Facebook’s response to the virus, Mark Zuckerburg reported that WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger usage has more than doubled since the start of the crisis. In particular, global consumers are turning to each other with voice calling and 1:1 messaging.


Two ways to build connections in a time of crisis

Specifically, there are two types of action organizations can take to build lasting impressions on customers: either do good, or make people feel good.

Check out Placerville Downtown Association – spearheading a Medical Supply Drive:

Double-check your messaging and tone. Speak with more empathy and sincerity, and avoid the extremes of being too light-hearted or too scarcity-driven. (People are scared enough…let’s not add to it.)

Use social to mitigate business disruption

Many small businesses i.e., service industries such as fitness centers and beauty salons have gone completely online:

Sophie Pavitt, for example, is a New York-based facialist. As she told Glossy, when the epidemic hit, she saw an instant spike in in-office cancellations. She is offering live guided facial tutorials on her Instagram channel. Her first experiment according to Hootsuite, on Instagram Live on March 15, saw more than 10% of her 7,285 followers tune in with 36 virtual consultations as a result. Now she’s doing tutorials on Instagram Live every Sunday so customers can give themselves facials while staying indoors and indulge in some self-care during this stressful time.

Build Your Online Presence

A little help in the months ahead

For those planning to use social media, Hootsuite is giving away Hootsuite Professional to small businesses and nonprofits. Organizations impacted by the crisis can get free access to our professional plan until July 1, 2020, helping them stay connected to their customers and communities.

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