Have You Hacked Your Own Password?

How many times today did you try and log into some sites today after trying a password three, four, five, or more times? And this password is a similar combination of the first one – maybe using a capital letter or some other variation of all the other passwords that you use. Stop the madness and find the solution here.

This is a recipe for disaster. First of all, if you can ‘hack’ in with variations of your password, so can someone else. Especially if they happen upon your list or your Excel spreadsheet.

I know because I used to do this.                      

    Super Time Saver and Passwords are Safe

Everytime I come across someone struggling with passwords, I share this secret and tell them that it is one program I could not function without. This program has saved me countless hours of changing passwords or searching through old lists – it also helps immensely when setting up a new computer or upgrading. If you have multiple devices you will want premium instead of the free version – but at $39.99 it’s a steal!

I have used other programs like LastPass and RoboForm, but they didn’t last long for me. This one is tried and true and makes my day – every day.

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