Yes! The Yelp Filter is Bugging ME!

This is the nice version of what I am hearing a lot of these days and there are some things you can do:

1. Create more positive reviews to push down the bad ones.
2. Respond to the bad ones and create a great customer service Moment! – Vote on the post 🙂 or Useful!

How Many People are Working on Your Business Citations and Comments?

Just like posting to your Social Media Channels, everyone in your office should be trained to Build, Monitor, and Manage your Online Reputation. If they are not, and are too busy, find yourself an honest, hardworking Social Media Manager that will make creating complete profiles, monitoring comments, and managing new or incomplete sites all too easy.

Get a Review and Give Two: Be sure to do your part in giving reviews and don’t forget to Check in.

Why Should I Do This?

A recent report shows a 10-15% increase in traffic by utilizing and integrating local marketing and local SEO citations.(Gartner)

Identify and Build Visibility Listing Data

  • Search Engines
  • Review Sites
  • Directory Sites
  • Social Sites

Will Paying For Yelp Reviews Avoid their Filter?

Paying for reviews has tough consequences, but it is totally fine to explain that you value your customer’s opinion and would love to hear their thoughts – all of them. Ask them, and don’t pay for positive Yelp reviews.

There are ways to show Yelp that you are REAL and that is why you want a Social Media Manager on your team – doing exactly that. Being REAL and leaving good reviews and training you and your staff.

Vickie and LocalVox suggests this: “Hey, if you like our blog, please leave us a review on Yelp talking about the blog” – especially if you are an active Yelper. 😉

Create good customers with great experiences and ask them for reviews.

You just got three great reviews, and they get filtered. The reviews that are likely to get filtered are from someone who has only written 1 review, who has no profile info (profile photo, additional info, link to Facebook, etc.), strongly slanted both positively and negatively, bio is short and lacking details, or from a location other than where the business is located. Need help much?

Wishing you all the best in the New Year with your Local SEO. I have several very affordable packages to help you Sieze the Moment and have a Strong presence on the Internet.