5-Star Google Reviews

Yes, one of the best things for Ranking is Reviews for sure. 5- Star Reviews!


Online Reviews are one of the biggest local ranking factors for Google and Google Maps, second behind Google My Business. Yes, that means we have work to do, let’s get your Google My Business Profile and Knowledge Panel.

According to BrightLocal Local Consumer Review Survey, 79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends or family. I know, my daughter tells me all the time why and how she chooses a company online, they had good reviews!

Are you able to easily get reviews? Most people are Internet savvy, but we should always try to make it so easy for people to tell us how much they liked our service. Like sending a link by text or email, or attaching that very link to a monthly newsletter.

Get Your Personalized Review Link!

Check out my link – I’m showing you because you can have one too 🙂 The image below is what shows up when someone clicks on this link: https://bit.ly/reviewwellman


(P.S. I added the gold color to the stars 🙂 )


Easy, Right?

Google Internet Visibility Specialists Wellman Works

OK, so your are getting reviews, now what?

Respond to Your Reviews

That’s right, a great response can make the difference on every review, especially if they aren’t 100% happy. Responding shows that you are reputable and taking the high road. You don’t have to explain in micro-detail, just the jest and that you are willing to meet and/or talk to get the communication straightened out. That goes a long way.

Piece of Cake Internet Visibility Specialists Wellman Works

Responding to good reviews, a piece of cake, right? Especially comment on how awesome your clients’ business is and if it is appropriate and you have used their services or know how they’ve treated others, leave them a review as well.

Bad Yelp Reviews – What do I do?

Yelp, can be really great for business, especially restaurants and lodging. Customers and non-customers have free reign and sometimes even after replying the bad review remains. Stay positive and know that other people reading reviews will check out the reviewer and if they see a pattern will know it’s exaggerated.


Reviews are a Conversion Factor

What happens after potential customers read good reviews about your business?

They come see you.

They search further for more validation on your Social channels and website.

Contact your business.

Sometimes they continue searching. 

But… they will look at you. If they can’t find you and your reviews on Google and then see those reviews on your Website, well they may move on.


Proof is in the Pudding

proof pudding Internet Visibility Specialists Or in this case becoming your customer. 

 Did you know that only 50% of consumers consider using a business that has fewer than 4 stars. AND have current reviews. OK, we all need to get busy. 


If you know Wellman Works, Ltd., and can say a nice word about my business, click on this link and I’ll reply. Who knows what nice thing I have to say about your business or you! I’m sure it’s a lot of good. https://bit.ly/reviewwellman

 Thank you! for reading along with me. Have a great day!



Getting exposure on the Internet doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive. We provide Internet Visibility Insights to see just how your Brand is being received on the Internet. With this information you wil be able to adjust your Marketing efforts and dial-in on the keywords you are looking to be found for.

Optimizing your Google My Business profile and Knowledge Panel is #1 and then we sync your data to Google to provide confidence to the Search Engines so they will show your stuff (your assets like your website :-)) on the Internet!


Is Your Google My Business Optimized?

Go to your Browser Incognito Window: Type in your business name and location and see what other’s see when they search for your business.

Wellman Works Ltd Google My Business

Vickie Christensen of Wellman Works Ltd. in Cameron Park, specializes in getting your business found on the Internet. I use my wealth of knowledge in the technical and marketing field earned over the last 30 plus years. I love working with businesses and making them more successful because that makes our community stronger. 

Years of digging in and looking for the solutions that big companies can afford brought me, as a small business here. What I’ve spent years studying and applying to my own businesses are available to you. 

Internet Visibility and Brand – you have found the person that listens and understands and will help you understand. It is my mission to give the opportunity that large companies have to your business and to promote the ethics of the Rotary 4-Way Test: In all things we do and say; Is it the Truth, Is it fair to all concerned, Will it build good will and better friendships, and Will it be beneficial to all concerned.

I look forward to hearing from you and discovering how I can best help you. Please call or text me at 916-835-5704 or make a quick call appt. at https://calendly.com/vickiec/15min email at: vickie@wellmanworks.com