Improving your local search and your businesses credibility with your clients and Search Engines is detailed below. The opportunities are endless with the largest piece of Real Estate on the Internet (except your website).

What will this do for me?

  1. Improve your Search results.
  2. Make it easier for people to find you.
  3. Show your hours.
  4. Display events.
  5. Showcase Products – Catalog.
  6. Have your business bio, website, images, etc., on over 35 min-websites across the Internet.
  7. Answer frequently asked questions.

First of all I hope you never see these words:        Your Account has been SUSPENDED.

But not to worry, if you see these words, we can get your business back on Google!

  1. Please do not make any edits
  2. Make an appt. right away.


Suspensions are happening more and more frequently as more and more scams are happening – especially in these trades: Garage Door Opener businesses, Locksmiths, etc. We can keep your Google My Business in good working order and safe even if this does happen to you.

What else can I do to improve my local search?

  1. Google My Business Optimization
  2. Google My Business Reviews (Get your personalized review link from Wellman Works to make this easy)
  3. Put your business on over 35 top-level-directories to showcase your business and sync with Google giving you authority so the Search Engines will index your site.


Check your business’ Internet Visibility here.

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Vickie Christensen of Wellman Works Ltd., in Cameron Park, specializes in getting your business found on the Internet. I use my wealth of technical and marketing education and background earned over the last 30 plus years to coach, guide, and educate my clients making them more successful  – and that makes our community stronger.

Internet Visibility and Brand – you have found the person that listens and understands and will help you understand. It is my mission to give the opportunity that large companies have to you and your business and to promote the ethics of the Rotary 4-Way Test: In all things we do and say; Is it the Truth, Is it fair to all concerned, Will it build good will and better friendships, and Will it be beneficial to all concerned.

I look forward to hearing from you and discovering how we can work together. Please make an appointment at, call or text me at 916-835-5704 or email at: