If you are noticing large spikes or drops in traffic and views, this may be due to the Google Core update on May 4th – but Google hasn’t made that an official algorithm update. Drops in rankings may also have to do with your brand name matching the search term. Think Broker Cameron Park as the search term and your business name. Mostly the volatility rested with hotels, bars, and restaurants, real estate, car dealerships, medical practices, storage, and legal. 


Because of their timing this rollout/update is called ‘Pandemic Update’ , ‘Corona Update’, or ‘Force Update’. Remember it will take a full 2 weeks for the full effect.

Google Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst, John Mueller, has not revealed details about the May update and refers to the general Google blog post on the subject when asked about it:


Who Has Been Affected?

Forbes is saying “Did Google Just Censor Bitcoin?” Reports according to Forbes and MMCrypto Channel Jaszczynski, is that their channels are affected and they reported a decline in views after a few hours. 

What Can You or Your Webmaster Do?

Good quality content, meta titles and descriptions optimized for appeal and content? Is the website error free? Do you trust the content? Website load speed, minimal ads? 

Things will settle down, but in the mean time, focus on your website, your content, your business listings, bio, images, and make your business shine!


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