How to Find the Most Relevant Hashtags and Trending Hashtags for your Niche

Hashtags – Think of hashtags like a big bucket. When someone wants to find you or your event or your open house you will want to be in that BUCKET. Have you ever been to an event where they explained, use this Hashtag! That means the event organizer will be able to find all of the posts and comments regarding that event – easily! 

    Hashtag Benefits


    Here are some benefits on Instagram and other Social Media Channels.
    5 Benefits to using Instagram hashtags
    • Increases exposure & discovery. 
    • Encourages audience interactions.
    • Competitor analysis. 
    • Content research. 
    • Links digital and In Real Life Campaigns i.e., print and other media and QR Codes too
    hashtags check out wishpond

    Tools for Finding Hashtags

    Checkout this Tool –

    This tool will show you if a hashtag is getting traction and what other hashtags are getting traction!


    hashtags ritetag

    Check out this screenshot of RiteTag for ‘bayarearealestate’

    hashtags realestate ritetag

    Can I Own a Hashtag?

    4 Steps to registering your hashtag:
    • Create your hashtag
    • Go to the social media channels you want to use your hashtag and see if it is being used
    • You can register your hashtag on Twubs or
    • Use your hashtag 

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