Shoppers have become even more intentional about what and WHEN they are going to purchase. This year according the Think with Google, 24% of consumers in surveyed markets have already started their holiday shopping. That’s great for retailers – what about home buyers?

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The Global Search Interest in “best time to” is higher than 12 months ago and Global search interest in “personal budget” has gone up over the past 90 days.

Real Estate Sales and Social Media


These are obvious pain points that can be addressed in Social Media, Newsletters and more. Use the “Helpful Content” guidelines from Google to address these and offer some education and understanding to your Real Estate Clients.


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Google Helpful Content Recap

Here are the core statements from Google regarding the helpful content update.


Focus on people-first content – Be Personal with Personalized Content
The update was sitewide, which should affect not only individual content but entire websites’ content.

Observation: If you look at the strong loss of visibility for the few domains that are supposedly negatively affected by the update, you can assume a website-wide penalty.

The recurring reference to expertise suggests that there should also be an update with E-A-T. It was assumed.

Pay attention to E.A.T, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. and Duplicate and Automated Content

Leverage Your Everyday Interactions

When you consider that buying, renting, or selling property is one of the biggest life decisions people make, the importance of timely and relevant content soon becomes apparent.

Real estate content needs to be localized, personal and directed at your market. Fluffy, vague or general content just won’t hit home. It must have a personal element to it.

Personalization requires an emotionally intelligent approach. While a 30-something professional might be buying for the first time, and a couple of retirement age might be down-sizing, for instance.

When writing for these audiences, you need to reflect on their motivations, worries and challenges and pain points.

An example of Personalized and daily interactions: Jade Mills, owner of a Luxury Realtor in Beverly Hills @jademillsestates does this very well on her Instagram channel in “30 seconds with Jade”, a video segment where she offers insights and advice to her audience. 

Want Educational Updates About Internet Visibility?

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