GPS Network

How many times have your used Waze, Uber, Here, TomTom, etc. It might seem obvious, but it’s super important to make sure that potential customers can actually find where your business is located. So to make sure that these GPS Network apps can serve up your information, it needs to be accurately given to them. No worries. 

There is recent research that shows that 39% of consumers that can’t find you, even if they were set on it, would change their mind and move on to the next business or quit altogether if they encountered incorrect address information for a local business.

That’s where the GPS Network comes in. The GPS Network ensures a business’s location data is available and accurate on five of the most widely used navigation apps:

  • TomTom
  • Waze
  • Here
  • Uber
  • Navmii

Don’t worry, I didn’t recognize them all either. Altogether, these apps are used by over a billion users worldwide, so you can guarantee they’re widely used by your local customers.

Voice Search

These numbers from 2020 are staggering. 111.8 million people are users of voice search with an expected 9.7% increase. What we see in 2022 are that 31% of Smartphone users worldwide use Voice Search at least once a week. (Statisa) and 55% of teenagers are using Voice Search Daily (mobile marketer)

Google is learning: Before reading 2,865 romance novels, Google, in 2013, knew 77% of spoken words. Today, that figure is 97%. 

Voice Search Rankings 

If you are a business that is paying attention to your business listings, keywords, and Google Business Profile – this may have some value. According to coice search trends, 20% of voice queries include 25 keywords – with the average length of voice searches being 29 words and Voice Search results primarily come from the top 3 web ranking results. 

Do I still need to get Facebook Likes or Twitter Shares? Yes The average voice search result has 1,199 Facebook shares and 44 Tweets; however, very few voice search results had the exact query in their title tag. 

Mobile still outranks Voice

What Search Engine Does Alexa Use?

BING (so does Apple Siri and Microsoft Cortana)

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Getting exposure on the Internet doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive. We provide Internet Visibility Insights to see just how your Brand is being received on the Internet. With this information you wil be able to adjust your Marketing efforts and dial-in on the keywords you are looking to be found for.

Optimizing your Google My Business profile and Knowledge Panel is #1 and then we sync your data to Google to provide confidence to the Search Engines so they will show your stuff (your assets like your website :-)) on the Internet!


Is Your Google My Business Optimized?

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Wellman Works Ltd Google My Business

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Years of digging in and looking for the solutions that big companies can afford brought me, as a small business here. What I’ve spent years studying and applying to my own businesses are available to you.

Internet Visibility and Brand – you have found the person that listens and understands and will help you understand. It is my mission to give the opportunity that large companies have to your business and to promote the ethics of the Rotary 4-Way Test: In all things we do and say; Is it the Truth, Is it fair to all concerned, Will it build good will and better friendships, and Will it be beneficial to all concerned.

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