Managing your LinkedIn page is easier than ever with the new ADMIN roles including extra security. I’ll share the information received from LinkedIn and summarize here:

  1. If you have someone to help you with CONTENT – choose Content Admin
  2. If you have someone to help you understand the ANALYTICS – choose Analyst
  3. If you have some one that posts to your COMPANY page – coming soon! P.S. if you don’t have a company page yet, email me at!!!
  4. If you don’t want to deal with your page at all and have a trusted company to assist – choose Super Admin! (yes we do that!!!)
“What’s new?

We are rolling out new Page admin roles and permissions to further ensure the trust and safety of your LinkedIn Page. This new admin management system allows you to assign and approve admin requests with one of the below roles. You can also now add anyone to your Page as an admin (no longer just first-degree connections).

Here’s a breakdown of the new roles:

  • Super admin: Super admins have full functionality on the Page including sole ability to manage the roles of all other Page admins, ability to deactivate the Page, and ability to edit the Page.
  • Content admin: Content admins are focused on being the voice of the Page and producing new content. They can create and manage feed posts, live streams, events, and Stories.
  • Analyst: Analysts can measure the Page’s performance on LinkedIn by viewing and exporting analytics. They may be involved with sales, recruiting, or consulting on social media presence. Analysts will not have access to the Page in 3rd party partner tools.
  • Curator (coming soon): This role can curate posts for your “My Company” Tab and access related analytics.

When will I have access to Roles and Permissions?

All Pages globally have access today.

How do I access it?

You will see a “NEW” label near the admin tools drop-down menu on your Page; locate the new experience under “Manage Admins.”

Ready to get started? Manage my Page admins.

Need more information? Visit our Help Center.”


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